What You Need to Know About Private School Early Learning Centres

As a parent, you need to constantly be making decisions based on what’s best for your child. Enrolling them in an early learning centre is a great way to help them develop academic, extracurricular and social skills from a young age. But with so many early educational options available today, choosing one can be a tough decision. To assist you in making this important choice, here’s some useful information about private school early learning centres in Melbourne.

What Makes Them Private?

Private early learning centres are funded and run by an internal board rather than the government. When considering enrolling your child in a private learning centre, you should identify who is actually running it and find out if they have a strong educational and child development background.

The Benefits of Private Early Learning Centres

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a private early learning centre for your child:

  • Customised learning – If your child shows a knack or interest for a particular subject or extracurricular activity, you can find private early learning programs that specialise in that area. If your child struggles with a particular learning or behaviour challenge, you can find programs tailored to helping them learn ways to overcome it.
  • Social contribution – Some private school early learning centres in Melbourne are run by local or specialised organisations that you may want to support.
  • Non-standardised curriculum – Since private programs are privately funded, they’re not bound to government issued curriculum. If you prefer a specific teaching methodology for your children, this might be a good option for you.

How to Decide on the Right Program

The role that private school plays is often unique for each family and child. The best way to decide what role you need it to play, and which centre will play that role the best, is by conducting thorough research. Here are some key questions you should ask about each centre:

  • Do the hours of operation work with your family’s schedule?
  • What kind of educational and professional background do staff members have?
  • What kind of curriculum is taught at the centre, and how is it taught?
  • When visiting the centre, how does your child respond to the environment and the people they meet?
  • Are meals and snacks included, and do they meet the nutritional standards for your child?
  • How do staff members deal with discipline?
  • How is sudden illness or injury handled?
  • How much of a role do parents play? Is this expected, encouraged, or completely optional?
  • What is the cost?
  • What specifically makes this private centre better for your child than other options?

There are many excellent private school early learning centres in Melbourne. Each provides children with a safe, fun, nourishing and appropriately challenging environment to build on what they gain from the home, helping to prepare children for school while instilling social skills to last a lifetime.