Science Can Be a Most Exciting Thing

Whenever someone thinks of science, they may think of someone in a pristine, spotless white lab coat. They may think of their high school chemistry teacher. Maybe this person thinks about the periodic table of elements that they swore they would never need to know for the rest of their lives. Maybe this person thinks of pouring vinegar over baking soda that has been put into an old film cannister just to watch the top explosively pop off. Whatever the thought may be, people have their thoughts about science. And if it is understood rightly it can be something that is not a mere academic exercise, but an exciting, fun time to experiment and make new things.

One of the things that can make science exciting is that there are so many different fields of science. There is biology. There is chemistry. There is physics. And so many of these things that we associate with science are often unnoticed components of our daily lives. How often do we think about the chemical makeup of salt? I bet hardly ever, but we know when our food is missing salt. However, as often we hardly think about chemistry, we do certainly know not to combine bleach and ammonia because it will create a dangerously deadly gas. And why do we know this? Science.

It is because of scientific ingenuity that we are able to use things like telescopes to look up at the stars at night and observe the heavens more intensely. It is because of this ingenuity that we are able to use a microscope and see things that human eyes would have never, ever been able to see prior to the development of such an amazing tool. Because of things like Water Baths we are able to extract DNA in the fields of molecular biology or forensic analysis. And what is even more interesting about these tools is that there are several different types of these things. And each of these tools serves their own sort of purpose. When it comes to scientific exploration the possibilities are seemingly limitless. And if there is not a tool to achieve the desired end, then all it takes is the ingenuity to make the needed tool.

While some people may always and only associate science with a boring eleventh grade teacher, it does not have to be that way. Science really is a thing that opens up worlds of possibilities to explore the world that is both seen with the naked eye and the world that requires any variety of tools. Nonetheless, one should never be turned off to the various fields of science because excitement is most certainly to be found. So, go ahead and get out there and find out whatever you can explore. Exploration and intrigue are the basics of what make the scientific enterprise an exciting and never ending sort of thing.